What’s the Power of Knowledge?

You’ve probably heard this saying before: “knowledge is power.” But how is knowledge powerful? Is it powerful for everybody? If so, how can you master some knowledge?

When people hear the word “power” they often think of strength. The word “strength” brings to mind the image of a bodybuilder. In a way, bodybuilders are clearly powerful. They can lift, pull and push very heavy objects! But how do bodybuilders get so strong? They eat right and exercise! In order to do so, they must know what to eat and what exercises to do, as well as how much they need of each. In this way, the knowledge comes before the power.

Another way to think of “power” is imagining a power plant. It can provide energy to hundreds of thousands of businesses and homes, so people can work, read, watch television and live their lives. But power plants don’t just appear out of the ground. Scientists studied nature to learn about energy, and then engineers learned how to build things to capture and share that energy, or “power,” with everyone. There’s a lot of knowledge that goes into building a power plant!

There are many more ways that knowledge can be power. If you want to find out about them for yourself, the best way is to develop a strong curiosity about the world. Ask yourself questions about everything around you and write them down in a notebook. What do you have the most questions about? Find a book on the subject, and make a habit of reading it and taking notes for an hour a day. Chances are, you’ll find the answers you were looking for, but you’ll also find even more new questions — and that’s good! 

You should never stop asking questions or trying to find the answers. If you ever wonder — “How much knowledge is enough? When should I stop reading?” — the answer is “Never!” Albert Einstein developed some of the most important theories in science. When asked how he did so, he answered, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Einstein never stopped asking questions.

Everyone can become more “powerful” by reading about and investigating the world around them. One of the most powerful things you can do is find new ways to help people. The best way to do that is to make a habit of gathering all the knowledge you can, then putting it to use!


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