Listening is Twice as Important as Speaking

It’s always fun to tell people about the things that are going on in your life or in your mind. Sharing like this helps you feel understood and connected to people. But guess what? Other people like talking about themselves just as much! Even though it feels good to talk about yourself, it feels better to really understand others.Students sitting outside talking

When you talk about yourself to other people, you often talk about the same things. But when you listen to other people talk, you’ll learn something new every time! You never know what someone might say that unlocks new thoughts or opportunities for you. Besides, when you listen to other people it makes them feel good, which is worthwhile all on its own.

Sometimes, you later realize that you’ve said something you really didn’t want to say. By keeping your mouth a little more shut and your ears a little more open, you can avoid this problem altogether! The more you listen, the more careful you’ll be when you say things about yourself.

When you do talk about something that excites you, try to be clear and quick about what it is that gets you riled up. If you spend too long working your way to your point, people will still hear you, but they may no longer be listening. If you get right to the point, other people will be more likely to share in your excitement. Then they’ll probably ask you more questions about the details, and you can answer them!

When you’re listening to someone else, you may find that you often have exciting thoughts that leap from the back of your mind into the front with such force that you just can’t help but say them. However, it’s very important that you control this urge! If you interrupt someone, it’s as if you’ve said that whatever he or she had to say doesn’t matter at all. Oftentimes, this makes the other person forget whatever it is they had to say — and then you may never hear it! Missing out is no fun at all, so be sure to save what you wish to say until after your partner has run out of words.

Pretty soon, everyone will want to talk to you because they know what a good listener you are!


Do you speak more than you listen?