Save on Spring Break Fun

Stuck at home for spring break while your friends are going on amazing vacations with their families? There are probably tons of things you can think of to do, but they cost money. Money you probably don’t have or your parents can’t spend. So, why not make the most of your week off of school with these fun ideas:

  • Look for Fee and/or Discounted Fun
    Your local museums, zoos or libraries usually offer discount days or free activities that are fun yet affordable. Do your research before spring break gets here so you can plan your days off accordingly. Some museums only have their free admission one day a week. Checking it out ahead of time will help make sure you don’t miss it.
  • Visit Daily Deal Websites
    Whether you check out Groupon or some other discount site, you can usually find great deals on cool, local things to do. From laser tag to ice cream, they usually have something for everyone. Just make sure you read the complete details and fine print before clicking on “buy”. And make sure you get mom and dad’s okay before buying.
  • Cheap Movies and More
    A lot of movie theaters have discounted kids’ movies on Tuesday afternoons. Check out the websites of your favorite theaters to see what’s what. Even if they don’t offer extra discounts, it always pays to go to matinees. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a dollar theater near you, spring break is the perfect time to visit it!
  • Artsy Crafty
    Have a masterpiece in mind that you’ve been waiting to create? Or you could plan ahead for Mother’s or Father’s Day and make a special gift by hand. Spring break gives you a big chunk of time to do it right. Not sure what to create? Websites like marthastewart.com or Pinterest are great places to start.
  • Lend a Hand
    An entire week off is the ideal opportunity to lend a hand. Whether it’s an elderly neighbor that needs help with yardwork or a local charity that appreciates young volunteers – what’s important is that you help. Check out volunteermatch.org to see what’s out there.

We hope these ideas will hope you have a great spring break. Who knows? You might end up having more fun than your friends!




What are you doing for spring break?